Just Who Are You Anyway?

If you’ve clicked on this link you’re here to learn about ME, so if I provide too many details, YOU’RE WELCOME.  I’m a SQL Server Professional working in the Nashville area.  I’m currently employed as a Database Administrator and have been in this role since 2011.  Outside of my employment I’m an active member in the PASS organization, by speaking at SQLSaturdays and regional user groups, along with working with the organizing committees for the Nashville SQL Server User’s Group, the Nashville BI User’s Group, and SQLSaturday Nashville.

B2x6b1PCQAAgcNKAs you may have noticed, my handle is SQLCowbell.  It’s because I’m originally from Mississippi and I’m a big Mississippi State fan.   It can be a reference to the Will Farrell/Christopher Walken sketch if you really want, I enjoy that sketch as much as any other MSU fan for it’s “more cowbell” theme.

I got started in databases in my previous position where I worked as an implementation specialist.  I was working on data imports from old contact management systems into a piece of the system my company sold as a vendor.  I originally was taking the data and running a stored procedure for each row in a spreadsheet, transforming and putting the data into the respective tables in the new system.  I found this cumbersome and eventually found SSIS/BIDS, which is where my first love for databases came from.  I self taught myself this tool, and realized I wanted to do databases full time, and did not want to do it part time along with .NET development and system analyst-style work; there’s nothing wrong with that, just not for me anymore.

Some other interesting things about me:

  • I had a scholarship in junior college for golf and I love playing.
  • I also had a scholarship in junior college for theater and was in 2 plays, Antigone and The Glass Menagerie; I won a “best supporting actor” for the season at my college for my role as Jim.
  • The reason I moved to Nashville was I was in a rock band that wanted to make it big. I played bass.  We played Pink Floyd, Smashing Pumpkins, and other alt-rock.
  • From age 7-11 I lived in Okinawa, Japan and got 2 black belts: 1st degree in Okinawa Te, American Ryu; 3rd degree in Okinawan Kenpo.  I was blessed to be good friends with the grandmaster of Okinawan Kenpo, Seikichi Odo and was also an instructor alongside him to adults(even marines).  Probably the coolest thing I own is a hand-carved driftwood oar(used for weapon kata) that Master Odo gave me with his initials in kanji carved into it.
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