SQLSaturday Nashville

My hometown event!  It’s only right I make one of my first posts about it.  I originally intended on blogging about Summit 2014, but it’s a LITTLE late for that.


The previous year I proctored the precons and told Tamera Clark that I wanted to do that again.  Tammy had the idea of doing 2 days of precons: 2 half day precons on Thursday and 2 full day precons on Friday.  Both days were successful with some  minor hiccups with the venue on Thursday.  That night we had a precon speaker dinner so it was a smaller bunch but everyone had a great time.


The full day precons were at Second Harvest Food Bank again this year.  We enjoyed this venue last year as it’s a nice building, they are sharp on service, and it goes to a good cause.  The food for lunch is great too, since they have a full time chef on staff.  Ed Watson and Mike Lawell both weren’t doing anything that day since their half day was Thursday.  So I got everybody setup and basically ready for lunch and then headed down to Brentwood where the 3 of us headed to Lynchburg to tour the Jack distillery.  It was a lot of fun especially since I’d never been and it’s right down the road from me.  After some navigational issues on my part, we headed back to town and went to the speaker dinner at Tammy’s house.  I admittedly was concerned about her stress level of hosting the speaker dinner as well as planning SQLSaturday the next day but everything went extremely well.


I got to the venue late(I always do!) and tried to do everything I could to help either Tammy or Kerry Tyler.  I also “saved the bacon” of Kevin Kline.  His words not mine!  I was happy to come through for someone who is a great voice in the community.  The venue was a success as it has been in the past, although we did have some issues with AV in the morning and this isn’t the first time that’s happened.  The event has grown every year over the last 3 years and next year we may outgrow our venue anyway.


I presented a new session this year, titled “Getting Started with SQL Server Replication”.  I did a lot of fine tuning during the precons I proctored as I wanted to get the demos perfect.  The actual session went well.  Out of 15 reviews, 10 were “great” meaning 5s for ratings and positive session feedback, 3 were mediocre saying it was ok, and 2 evaluations I felt were poor.  My problem is I am bad about focusing on the negative evals because I feel like I’ve wasted someone’s time.  That said, I got quality feedback from everyone except for the person that didn’t like that I said “I don’t know” to one of the questions I was asked.  My bad!  I will lie and make something up next time that is incorrect (LOL).  In all seriousness, I need to be able to point to a resource for the answer next time instead of simply saying that I do not know the answer.


Naturally a lot of fun.  I sat next to Hope Foley and her husband Rod.   I expressed my deep love for all things Hawai’i and I think I was entertaining them; it also helped that I paid a server with a southern accent very well to show that southerners cannot say the word “Massachusetts” without accidentally saying “massatwoshits”.  Later in the evening I won Cards Against Humanity and talked a lot of trash.  Hey, I’m from Mississippi and we don’t know how to handle success, ok?

I love the event we have here in my hometown.  I of course enjoy other Saturdays around the region but there’s something surreal about having #sqlfamily join you in your own stomping grounds.  Looking forward to next year’s event!

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